Tribute from Gran and Grandad Kelly

This painting is my tribute to our dearly beloved granddaughter Jane—the road which Jane travelled in her short life. The road starts at the bottom of a hill of life experienced by Jane and ends in her unfulfilled dreams.


Journey For Jane—by Alistair Kelly

There are 3 rows-

1) Edinburgh Castle, Dundee High School, St Andrews, Dundee and the River Tay and Duncan of Johnstone Art College.

2) scenes of Uppsala (where Jane spent her last holiday) including the cathedral spire, university and castle.

3) the spires of churches and public buildings of the great cities of St Petersburg and Moscow.

Jane’s ambition and dream as a promising art student was to travel to St Petersburg and Moscow. I know, like me, she would have been inspired by the beauty of the architecture, paintings and icons.

At the age of 22 Jane was cruelly taken from us.

For the first 17 years of her life she was our only granddaughter. She had the sweetest, kindest and most gracious nature and saw goodness in everyone. Perhaps she too readily trusted people and this was to cost her- her life.

From a very young age she could be seen drawing and painting. To be an artist was her aim in life. Her greatest joy was being accepted by Duncan of Johnstone Art College to study Fine Art.

Our darling Jane has now gone from us. We are immensely privileged to have been part of her too short life.

May Jane rest in peace and when our time comes may we all meet again in paradise.

gran and grandad signiture

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