The power of a thousand words

jane with skye editWe’ve all heard the famous saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, it’s a famous saying because it’s hard to refute. Pictures can immediately transport our mind to memories and places in a way that only the craftiest of wordsmiths can achieve.

Jane loved pictures, almost as much as painting. She was forever snapping away during holidays, birthdays, and in every day life. During our journey, we will take lots of photos to document our trip and to give you a glimpse of where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to. Unfortunately, we can’t promise that our photos will be anywhere near Jane’s high standards; but we’ll do our best.

As I said, pictures are as powerful as a thousand words. And no one wants to read a thousand words every day. So, with that in mind, occasionally we will post an article that is primarily a photoblog. This post is the first of these photoblogs. Below you will find a sample of Jane’s photography.

We have also left the comment section open on this article. Feel free to leave your thoughts.

archway 3



monet sky

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