Plans and Preparations for Our Journey – the First Instalment

Ever since Craig and I came up with the idea of making our “Journey for Jane” to Moscow, we’ve had lots of different ideas as to how we should go about making the journey.

It didn’t take long to dispel any notions of walking all the way there – it’s 1534 miles from Dundee to Moscow (as the crow flies).

Journey for Jane, by Alistair Kelly

Journey for Jane, by Alistair Kelly

By my reckoning that would take us 3 months, at least!

Even Napoleon had to turn back when faced with the icy blasts of a Russian Winter, and we’ve no intention of trying to prove it can be done.

So what have we come up, and how are our preparations coming along?

This is the first of our updates on our plans and our itinerary, and it’s an opportunity to start saying thank you to those who have given us so much support so far.

Day 1

Our journey will start at 12 noon on Wednesday 4 September.

We will leave from outside the main entrance to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Perth Road, Dundee.

There is a cherry tree there, planted in memory of Jane.

I can’t think of a better place for our journey to begin – the place where Jane was at her happiest.

DJCAD are planning to give us a little send off.

Please, if you can, feel free to join us. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

From there, our intention is to walk down the Perth Road, and to cross the Tay Bridge to Newport on Tay, where Jane spent all of her childhood.

We’ll be met at the Fife end of the bridge by an old school friend of mine, David Headen who will drive us to St Andrews.

Jane and Craig on the beach at St. Andrews

Jane and Craig on the beach at St. Andrews

St Andrews was always a special place for Jane.

Both sets of her grandparents lived there when she was little, and lots of happy times were spent in St Andrews. Latterly that’s where Jane was living with her Mum. It’s in St Andrews where Jane now lies.

We’ll then make our way from St Andrews to Edinburgh, where we’ll spend our first evening.

Day 2

We have some very special visits to make on the morning of Thursday 5 September.

I was recently contacted out of the blue by the Consulate General of The Russian Federation in Edinburgh, with an invitation to meet with the Consul General, and last week I spent half an hour with Mr Sergey Krutikov, the Consul General and his Attaché.  I could not have been made more welcome, and it was extraordinarily kind of them to meet with me. The Consul General had been made aware of the “Journey for Jane”, and was very supportive of our aim to sponsor an exchange of art and creative ideas between DJACD and Russia, in memory of Jane.

He has invited us to the offices of the Consulate General in Melville Street before we leave Edinburgh on the Thursday morning to have a photograph taken with him, and he has promised us a message of support. Look out for this on our website. A big thank you to Mr Sandy Miller who facilitated this introduction.

From Melville Street we’ll then head to Holyrood.

Scottish parliament

Garden Lobby of the Scottish Parliament

We have an invitation to meet with Shona Robison MSP for Dundee East, the Minister of Commonwealth Games and Sport, in the Garden Lobby of the Scottish Parliament. It’ll be a busy morning there – First Minister’s Questions (the first one of the new Parliamentary session) is scheduled for that lunchtime, so we’re hoping that there will be lots of MSPs buzzing around, full of enthusiasm after their Summer break who will want to say hello to us, and wish us well.

And then it’s on to Waverley Station, for our train to Hull, via York so that we can catch our overnight ferry to Zeebrugge.

Watch this space for the next instalment of our plans which will take in our journey from Bruges in Belgium to Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

Any helpful comments or suggestions on our plans would be very welcome.

by Graeme Kelly

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  1. Is it possible to buy a print of the Journey for Jane picture ?

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