A theme song for our journey: we need you!

We want you to pick a song for our journey, something that we can play each morning to motivate us for the day ahead.

Voting is now closed. Have a look at the blog post ‘Your voice was heard’ to find out the results.

See the videos below for inspiration.

Thanks for voting and keep your eye out for the results.

2 Comments on “A theme song for our journey: we need you!

  1. or you could use a fantastic local artist, Doozer McDooze ( Paul Short) who’s self-penned Festival anthem ‘I don’t wanna go Home – i wanna stay like this Forever’ is a fabulous testament to this wonderful journey. . do let us know if there is any other way the Creatives out here can help support such a wonderful memorial.Kindest wishes to you All )O(

  2. Nic, thanks for your message. I’ll have a listen to the song you’ve suggested and thanks for your message of support. We’re always looking for help with publicising the journey and so on.

    Best wishes.

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