PRESS RELEASE: Father and brother begin their ‘Journey For Jane’

Photo opportunity: 12pm on Wednesday, 4th September at the front of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Perth Road, Dundee

The father and brother of late Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design student Jane Kelly, who tragically died in 2011, will leave from Dundee on Wednesday to begin their charity journey in her memory.

A passionate art student who was heavily influenced by Russian art and architecture, Jane had always wanted to visit Moscow. Sadly, Jane died before she had that chance, so her brother, Craig, and father, Graeme, will make the journey on her behalf. They will travel to the Russian capital to raise funds to establish a student exchange between Dundee and Moscow in Jane’s memory, and for the bereavement charity PETAL.

They begin their journey from Duncan of Jordanstone on 4th September where members of university staff, friends, family and work colleagues will gather to wish them well. They will then walk over the Tay Road Bridge in kilts and Journey for Jane t-shirts to symbolize the link to Newport and Wormit where Jane grew up. The following day, Graeme and Craig will have a send off from the Russian Consul General in Edinburgh and from Shona Robison MSP at the Scottish Parliament, before leaving Scotland for Hull to catch a ferry to the continent.

The journey will take them through the Low Countries and Scandinavia before arriving in Moscow to visit the British Higher School of Art and Design to discuss setting up the exchange. Donations to the campaign can be made through the website.

‘We want to create a lasting legacy for Jane in the year she should have graduated,’ explained Graeme. ‘We’ve been touched by the interest and support we have received from people like Hollywood actor, Brian Cox, and Scottish BAFTA winning actress, Jayd Johnson. We’re now at the stage where we’re desperate to get going on our journey. It’s going to be very hard visiting the places that Jane visited and loved, but we will be meeting with Craig’s old lecturers in Uppsala and a family friend in the Low Countries who will help to keep our spirits up. We will stay focused on setting up an exchange in Jane’s name.’

Craig explained, ‘Having been at university in Sweden, I know the benefits of studying abroad. I think it’ll be an incredible legacy for Jane’s name to be connected to an exchange that will give a student the chance to learn about Russian culture and art, and to grow as a person. It’s a way for Jane’s dreams to be fulfilled, and for her positive personality to live on.’

‘We are also raising money for a project run by the bereavement charity PETAL which helps children who have lost a loved one through murder or suicide. Jane was incredibly patient and loved spending time with children, so we think she would have supported this project. PETAL have also provided incredible support to our family since Jane’s death.’

Jane was 22 when she was killed by her boyfriend in his parents’ home in Powmill in October 2011. Jane’s family launched Journey For Jane in May 2013 to create a positive legacy for Jane. University Rector Brian Cox, comedian Fred MacAulay, BAFTA winning actress Jayd Johnson, Dundee MSP Shona Robison, and artist Charles Monteith Walker have all provided messages of support on the website.

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