Memories – by Jane’s sister, Caroline

Jane and Caroline

Jane and Caroline

I still remember the day that everything happened. The day my sister was taken away from me forever. Earlier that day I’d spoken to Jane on the phone and we’d planned our weekend together; we were going to the cinema on Saturday, I was going to stay at her flat and then on Sunday we would go out for lunch and go window shopping like we did almost every weekend.

Although much to my dismay, later that night around 11pm my dad came through to wake me up and tell me the terrible news that ended up changing me and my family’s life forever. At first I was in great disbelief as I guess I just didn’t want to believe that something so wicked and final had happened to my sister.

I started reflecting on all the amazing memories I had shared with my big sister like when we went to the fringe festival in Edinburgh and watched a street act and Jane found great amusement in the performers name; Tallulah!

Jane and Caroline

Jane and Caroline

My favourite memory I had with Jane was when we went down to London for the week, just me and her. On our long bus journey down to London we met two men and two women from Texas who proceeded to tell us about their Christian lifestyle and how they thought if we were Christians then life would be much better for us. Jane being the lovely, kind, nice person that she is, she was chatting away although giving me the eye as if she wanted them to stop talking! They gave us a small book on the Christian lifestyle and then asked us if we wanted to become converted Christians. Me being me, I laughed it off and told them I didn’t want to as I was unsure about my beliefs at the time. Jane just couldn’t say no without feeling bad and continued to say yes and so when we got off of the bus they took myself and Jane aside and took a hold of Jane’s small fragile hands and did some sort of, what seemed like, a ritual and then congratulated Jane on becoming a new-born Christian. I found this absolutely hilarious! They then waved us off as we headed for our hotel and Jane began to whisper to me about how she felt absolutely mortified!

I guess more than anything I just miss having a big sister as great as Jane was. She was amazing.

One Comment on “Memories – by Jane’s sister, Caroline

  1. A lovely & moving tribute CAROLINE to your sister- my granddaughter JANE who was so special to us all each in a different way.
    The trauma of the awful wicked news occurred for us all about the same time about 11pm that night. The nightmare of that night we will never forget,
    There are 2 days that are so significant- Jane’s birthday & her terrible death. On these 2 dates or as near as possible we lay flowers at her grave to remember her. As time goes on we never forget & perhaps little unexpected things happen.
    Tomorrow my son GRAEME & my grandson CRAIG set out on their remarkable journey/pilgrimage- a journey for Jane. I will be there from the tree in her memory beside the Art school, to walk through Dundee & across the Tay Road Bridge & Tayport- on to St Andrews & the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. God’s speed, good luck & best wishes in their journey to Moscow & a safe return. I think JANE’s spirit will be with them.

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