Day 4: Hunting for Smurfs

I really laughed yesterday morning.

In re-tweeting our first blog post from Belgium, Roger White had said – they’re “hunting for Smurfs no doubt.”

Little would he have known that I used to spend hours hunting for Smurfs when Jane was little. She had a collection of them, and they lived in her doll’s house. A doll’s house full of little blue men with white hats.


But for some reason you could never find Smurfs in shops at home, and whenever I was abroad without Jane I was under strict instructions to find Smurfs. The problem was she had so many I could never remember which ones she already had.

Lorna once sent a few Smurfs in the post that she’d found in a shop in London. When the envelope arrived in the post, a little blue arm had burst through. It looked to all the world like the little chap was trying to escape.

There would have been times over the past couple of years when I couldn’t have laughed in looking back like this, but yesterday morning when I saw the reference to Smurfs I was tickled pink. I could see a happy little girl, and it made me smile.



Graeme and Craig in Damme


We had great big pancakes with cream, in the little pretty village of Damme, just outside Bruges, and just like we had done with Jane on our last visit in 2005.

And then we set off again – a brief visit to Johan’s home town of Eeklo, and then north into the Netherlands.

We travelled up across the delta of the River Scheldt, the roads following dykes, crossing bridges and through tunnels. We passed by Kamperdoon, a name that all Dundonians will be familiar with.

We stopped at the little town of Veere.

A beautiful little town, which in the Middle Ages had the monopoly on the wool trade with Scotland.



Saltire flying outside the Scottish house in Veere


North again, driving through Rotterdam – modern architectural self indulgence, is how I would best describe the centre. And then on to Delft, where we will be staying for two nights.



Little owls in Damme




Spire in Veere




“Last one to bed puts the light out” – Giant lamp in Delft


2 Comments on “Day 4: Hunting for Smurfs

  1. Graeme & Craig,
    The smurfs were great! Looks as if you’re really enjoying lovely countryside & the sun of the lowlands of Belgium & Holland. Great to see a Scottish Veere -longing for independence
    Best wishes Grandad.

  2. It’s great to see your progress, Graeme and Craig- all power to you both, and I hope the journey unfolds peacefully and smoothly, and that the whole experience brings some healing to you both. Sincerest wishes, Clare Galloway

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