Jane’s Story

On 28 October 2011 Jane Kelly, aged just 22 years of age, a Fine Art student at the University of Dundee, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, was murdered, killed by someone she knew, loved and trusted.


Jane was at that wonderful age, when life should be full of hope and devoid of cynicism, and she was flourishing. She was indulging her passion for art, developing as an artist, and she lived student life to the full.

Jane’s tragedy was to fall in love with a young man, Mark Jarvie, who was later diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia. In an apparently unpredictable psychotic episode he attacked and killed her. This happened in his parents’ house.

His parents were elsewhere in the house.

Jarvie was acquitted of murder on the grounds of insanity at the High Court in Aberdeen in May 2012. Lifetime restriction and compulsory treatment orders were imposed, and he is now a patient within the state mental hospital at Carstairs.

Jane lost her life in violent circumstances, and with it she was denied the ability to fulfil her dreams and the opportunities that life would have brought her. In June 2013 she would have graduated. It was her ambition to be a professional artist, to have exhibitions, maybe one day to have her own gallery, and she would have been so proud just to call herself an artist, and a graduate of one of the most prestigious art colleges in Scotland.

Bruges Shopfront - Jane Kelly

Bruges Shopfront – Jane Kelly

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