PETAL is a charitable trust which offers support and counselling to families who have suffered trauma through the loss of a family member through murder or suicide.

The counselling which PETAL has provided to members of Jane’s family has been invaluable.

red jumperThe criminal justice system can appear at first hand to pay little heed to the family of a murder victim. Its focus is the disposal of the case, to catch the perpetrator and to obtain a conviction. The police and the criminal prosecution agencies appear not to know how to deal with victims’ families, or may simply not see it as their role. Court procedures at times appear archaic and insensitive, the family crave information, whilst trying to cope with the trauma of what has happened. They need help. They need the support of people who have experienced similar traumatic loss, and although they can’t make things right again, PETAL’s counsellors are there to talk to, to support victims’ families through terrible times, and to act as a liaison with the police and the criminal prosecution agencies.

Anchor Close - Jane Kelly

Anchor Close – Jane Kelly

To families who have lost a loved one to murder, it seems that there is no one in our criminal justice system there to represent the interests of the victim, or the family of a victim. Without the support of charities such as PETAL, to offer them support, families would simply be lost.

PETAL is a small charity, and could not survive without the help and support of the public.

They have recently initiated a project specifically designed to assist children who have suffered the traumatic death of a parent or sibling. It’s an art project which is led by the renowned sports artist, Jim Scullion, who leads therapy sessions through painting and drawing for children who have suffered such traumatic loss.

Jane’s family would like to support this particular initiative, and believe that Jane might just have approved.

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